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Accommodation terms

1. The following acts within the hostel are strictly forbidden.

(1) Smoking in the building is strictly prohibited.​ ​
(2) Acts making loud noises, giving off offensive smells or others which may cause discomfort and inconvenience to other guests.​ ​
(3) Do not bring in the following into the hallway and the accommodation facilities.​ ​

(a) Animals, birds
(b) Items that give off bad odors
(c) Ignites or hazardous materials that can be easily ignited
(d) Guns, swords
(e) Bringing in food and drinks
(f) Stimulant drugs, narcotics, etc. chemicals prohibited from possession by law
(g) Goods with considerable quantity or weight
(h) Rubbish and goods which could affect guest room hygiene
(i) Others goods decided by the hostel which are prohibited from bringing into the guest room​s

(4) Acts against morals such as gambling, which may cause inconvenience to other people, and other acts contrary to public order and morals.​ ​
(5) Do not use accommodation facilities for purposes other than lodging, such as bringing in foods, video or picture shooting without permission, unauthorized distribution, etc.
(6) Do not invite unregistered guests into the accommodation facilities, or to use facilities and various items in the accommodation facilities.​ ​
(7) To move, process, or dismantle various facilities and items in the accommodation to other places, and use them for purposes other than their original use.​ ​
(8) Do not leave belongings in the hallways or lobby etc.​ ​
(9) Acts of distributing leaflets, villas and other advertisements to other hostel guests​ ​
(10) Entering facilities other than for hostel guests​
(11) Use of hair coloring/bleaching agents etc. in the shower rooms
(12) Acts of burning incense etc. in the room​ ​
(13) Activities aimed at making a profit​ ​
(14) All other acts that interfere with safety and affect hygiene within the hostel​ 

2. Though we request guests for payment in advance, when departing, please pay at the front desk if you have any “incidental facility usage fee that you used” or “extension fee” .

3. During your stay, management of your own valuable items is to your self-responsbility.

4. Please understand that we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen valuables.

5. For cases in which organized crime groups and actions that may be contrary to public order happens.

(1) Please refrain from using the hostel for purposes of designated organized crime group and designated organized crime group member by law concerning the prevention of unjust behavior by gangster (effective March 1, 1992). (We will refuse the use at that time in case the fact is found after reservation or during use.)​ ​
(2) Please refrain from using the hostel of antisocial organizations and antisocial groups (gangsters, extremist movement groups, etc. and their constituent members). (We will refuse the use at that time in case the fact is found after reservation or during use.)​ ​
(3) If you are aware of violence, intimidation, extortion, intimidating unjustifiable demands and similar acts, please refrain from using the hostel immediately. Also, please refrain from those who did similar acts.​ ​
(4) It is difficult for people who use the hostel to secure their own security such as self-loss due to physical and mental health, alcohol, drinking, etc. It is recognized that there is a fear that other customers may have danger, fear, or anxiety When it is done, we will refuse use immediately.​ ​

Information on disaster prevention

The hostel is equipped with disaster prevention equipment for emergency situations such as a fire or an earthquake. In addition, to ensure customer safety, we implement periodic disaster prevention drills and are making every effort to ensure the safety of everyone. ​ ​

1. When arriving
(1) Please check the location of the emergency exit posted on each floor and the evacuation route map.​ ​
(2) Please check the flashlight.
​ ​
2. When a fire occurs, or at the time of discovery
(1) Please contact the front desk.​ ​
(2) Shout out loud or make sounds to notify people around you.​ ​
(3) An emergency bell/emergency broadcast is made, notifying the fire occurrence situation, instructions for evacuation, etc. Please calm down and follow the guidance of the staff and quickly evacuate using the emergency staircase.​ ​

3. During Evacuation
(1) Please escape fast and do not fuss over your clothing and belongings.​ ​
(2) Please do not use the elevator when evacuating.​ ​
(3) If there is smoke, lower your position and evacuate in a direction with less smoke.​ ​
(4) Please do not open windows except in the case of emergency.​ ​

4. Earthquake Disaster
(1) Please act calmly in accordance with the emergency broadcast or follow instructions by the staffs.​ ​
(2) Please do not use the elevator.​ ​
(3) Pay attention to turned over furniture etc, falling objects, and protect your head and evacuate.​

Accommodation agreement

Article 1​ ​
Accommodation contracts concluded with the hostel by the hostel and contracts related to shall be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and matters not stipulated in this contract are subjected to laws or ordinances established. ​
In cases where the hostel responds to special contracts which do not contradict laws and customs, regardless of the provisions of the previous paragraph, that special contract shall prevail.​ ​
(Application for accommodation contract)

Article 2​ ​
1. To those who wish to apply for a reservation of the hostel accommodation, please offer the following information to the hostel.
(1) Guest name​ ​
(2) Accommodation date and expected arrival time​ ​
(3) Accommodation Charges (As a general rule by the basic accommodation fee of Appended Table 1)​ ​
(4) Other information deemed necessary by the hostel​ ​
2. If any changes are to be made to the above information offered to the hostel, please promptly inform the hostel of the changes to be made.
3. When accommodated guests have requested to continue staying beyond the accommodation day of the above 1. (2), the hostel will handle it as an application for a new accommodation contract at the time of the request.
(Establishment of accommodation contract)

Article 3​ ​
1. The accommodation contract shall be concluded when the hostel accepts the application. However, when the hostel proves that it has not accepted the application, the following shall not apply.
2. When an accommodation contract is concluded pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph, payment of the accommodation fee for all stay periods pertaining to the accommodation contract shall be made prior to the stay in the accommodation or by the date specified by the hostel.
3. When the reason specified in each of the following items occurs, the hostel shall have the right to terminate the contract despite the fact of whether he/she is not willing to actually stay and the accommodation contract shall lose its effect.
(1) When the accommodation fee set forth in the preceding paragraph cannot be paid before the start of accommodation or by the date specified by the hostel according to the same paragraph.​ ​
(2) When the hostel is unable to contact the guests despite making an attempt to contact the contact address that was submitted in the application under paragraph 1, within ten days from the date of the first contact (However, if the number of days until the day of stay is not less than this, it would be when you cannot be contacted until 1 am on the prior day of stay (in the case where the scheduled arrival time is specified beforehand, the time when one hour has passed since that time)).​ ​
(3) When refused to be contacted by the hostel.​ ​
4. In the case of falling terms under items 2. and 3. of the preceding paragraph, we are unable to refund accommodation fee that has already been paid.
(Denial of Conclusion of Accommodation Contract)

Article 4​ ​
The hostel may not be able to conclude the accommodation contract in the following cases:​ ​
(1) When the application for lodging does not comply with this agreement.​ ​
(2) When rooms cannot be provided due to full occupancy.​ ​
(3) When reasons similar to the preceding item, such as scheduling the rooms to cabin guests, disaster recovery personnel, etc. should provide guest rooms preferentially due to the occurrence of a disaster or other emergency, etc.​ ​
(4) When the person who intends to stay is a member of a gang group or organized crime group related organizations or other members of the anti-social forces stipulated in the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan Members and Prefectural Ordinance on Elimination of Boryokudan.​ ​
(5) When it is recognized that the person who intends to stay is likely to conduct actions contrary to laws and ordinances, public order or good manners and customs concerning accommodation.​ ​(6) When it is clearly recognized that a person who intends to stay is a person who is suffering from a contagious disease.​ ​
(7) When a service or other burden exceeding a considerable range is sought for social reasons concerning accommodation.​ ​
(8) When it is impossible to accommodate due to natural disasters, a breakdown of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.​ ​
(9) If you are a drunk who is trying to stay, there is a risk of disturbing other guests or hindering the operation of the hostel, or for other guests or employees of the hostel, When you make a nuisance act.​ ​
(10) When a person who intends to stay is in a state where mental and physical disorders are clearly recognized.​ ​
(11) When only 13 years old and under 18 years of age stay without parental permission.
(12) When applying for accommodation for the purpose of transferring the right to stay elsewhere.​ ​
(13) In fact when I applied for accommodation even though I did not intend to stay.​ ​
(14) When it falls under cases where it is possible to refuse accommodation stipulated by various laws or prefectural ordinances etc.​ ​
(Right to cancel the contract by the guest)​ ​​

Article 5​ ​
(1) Guests can cancel the accommodation contract by requesting to the hostel.
(2) In the event that guests cancel all or part of their accommodation contract stated in the previous paragraph, a penalty payment shall be paid in accordance with what is listed on Appended Table 2.
(3) If the guest does not arrive at the expected arrival time on the day of the accommodation day, the hostel can treat the accommodation contract as being canceled by the guest.
(Right to cancel the contract of our hostel)​

Article 6​ ​
1. In the following cases, the hostel may cancel the accommodation contract.​ ​
(1) When the guest is a member or associated with a gang group or organized crime group related organizations or other members of the anti-social forces or related persons stipulated in the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan Members and Prefectural Ordinance on Exclusion of Boryokudan.​ ​
(2) When the guest possesses, or is caught using drugs, guns, swords, and other similar items that are not permitted by laws and regulations, or acts which causes inconvenience to other accommodated guests, such as assault, intimidation, extortion, making unjustifiable demands, gambling actions, acts contrary to laws and ordinances or public order and morals, or when the guest is deemed to be a risk of conducting these acts.​ ​
(3) When the guest is clearly recognized as a person with a contagious disease.​ ​
(4) When a service or other demands is requested that exceeds a reasonable extent for accommodation.​ ​
(5) When it is impossible to accommodate due to natural disasters, a breakdown of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.​ ​
(6) When committing acts that undermine fire prevention such as smoking in bed and playing with firefighting equipment etc. in the guest room.​ ​
(7) When transferring or caught trying to transfer the right to stay.​ ​
(8) When the conclusion of a hostel accommodation contract is made through a travel agency, and the payment of accommodation fee from the travel agency is said to be not received.​ ​
The case of unreceived payment also include situations in which the payment is made by the transfer method at the time of closing the window opening hours of the financial institution or by the bank transfer method via the Internet regardless of the operating time of the financial institution, or due to the next day is a business holiday of the financial institution, where the fact is that the transfer is not received on that day of payment itself.
(9) When it violates this agreement or the use rule of our hostel.​ ​
(10) When it falls under cases where it is possible to refuse accommodation stipulated by various laws or prefectural ordinances etc.​ ​
2. The notice of cancellation pursuant to the previous paragraphs shall be made orally, or by telephone, e-mail or written to the contact person of the guest who has been requested under Article 2, and the notice shall be submitted pursuant to Article 2. In the case where the hostel has made a notification to the contact address and the guest does not receive it, the provisions of Article 3, paragraph 3 will be applied, where it is deemed that the guest has arrived after the arrival period and will be handled accordingly.
3. When the hostel cancels the accommodation contract under the provisions of the previous two paragraphs, the accommodation fee will not be refunded except for the case of paragraph 1, item (3) and item (5).
(Registration of accommodation)​

Article 7​ ​
1. Guests must fill-in the following items at the front desk of the hostel on the day of stay.
(1) Name, age, sex, address and occupation of guests​ ​
(2) For foreigners who do not have a living address in Japan, please provide your nationality, passport number, entry place, date of entry, presentation of passport and a copy of the passport
(3) Departure date and scheduled departure time​ ​
(4) Other items deemed necessary by the hostel​ ​
2. When guests intend to make payment of the fee of Article 11 by way of substituting for accommodation tickets, credit cards, etc. currency, shall be presented beforehand at the time of registration in the preceding paragraph.
(Room usage time)​

Article 8​ ​
1. The guest can make use of their accommodation room from the check-in time specified by the hostel to the check-out time (11 am). However, in the case of guest prolonging their stay, the arrival date, and departure date is canceled, and they are able to use it till their final day of prolongation.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hostel may respond to the use of rooms other than the time specified in the same paragraph. In this case, we will charge an additional charge (consumption tax included) specified in appended table 3. However, if the check-in time on the scheduled departure date is exceeded, the hostel will charge the first night’s accommodation fee, and the same shall apply for the use from the check-out time on the arrival date.
3. Even within the time that guests are allowed to use the rooms under the previous two paragraphs, the hostel has the right take necessary measures to prevent guests from entering the rooms when it is deemed so by the safety and sanitation management or the administration and management of the hostel
(Compliance with usage rules)​

Article 9​ ​
Guests are required to comply with the usage rules posted in the hostel as determined by the hostel within the hostel.​ ​
(business hours)​

Article 10​ ​
1. The hostel informs the guest of the opening hours of various facilities in our hostel through pamphlets in the library, bulletin boards located at various places in the hostel, information book in the accomodation room etc.
2. The opening hours of the facilities etc. in the preceding paragraph may be changed temporarily when there is a unavoidable situation or necessity. In such a case, we will notify you accordingly.
(Payment of fee)​

Article 11​ ​
1. The breakdown of the accommodation fee etc. to be paid by the guest shall be as set forth in Appended Table 1.
2. Payment of the accommodation fee etc. shall be made at the front desk when the guest arrives or upon request by the hostel, and the payment method is one in which is paid using currency, or accommodation ticket that is accepted by the hostel, or credit card etc.
3. Even if the hostel provides guests the accomodation room and the guests voluntary decided not to stay in the accomodation room provided, the accommodation fee will still be charged.
(Residence responsibility)​

Article 12​ ​
1. The hostel will compensate for the damage for the guest during the duration time of fulfillment of the accommodation contract and the contracts related thereto or the damage caused by those defaults. However, this is not the case unless the damage is due to reasons attributable to the hostel’s responsibility.
2. The hostel subscribes to Ryokan liability insurance in order to cope with the damage of the guests’ previous clause, but if it falls under the insurance contract exemption reason, there are cases in which the damage suffered by the guest can not be compensated.
(Handling when contracted rooms can not be provided)​ ​

Article 13​ ​
1. When the hostel is unable to provide the acccommodation rooms contracted to the guests, an accommodation room that are of identical conditions will be offered with the consent of the guests.
2. The hostel shall in best efforts try to make other accommodation facilities in accordance with the preceding paragraph, but will be able to cancel the accommodation contract if the demand cannot be met. Regarding notification of cancellation in this case, the provisions of Article 6, paragraph 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
In addition, if there is a reason attributable to the hostel’s responsibility concerning the inability to provide the room, the hostel shall pay a compensation fee to the guests as set forth in Appended Table 4 and compensate for the damages with the compensation fee.
(Handling of deposits etc)​

Article 14​ ​
1. When an infringement such as loss, damage, etc. is imposed on goods (excluding cash and valuables) left by guests at the reception occurs, except for cases of force majeure, the hostel will compensate for it. For cash and valuables, guests are to self-manage, and please make use of the valuables lockers. Please understand that the hostel will not be taking any responsibility for it.
2. For items that the guests have brought into hostel (excluding cash and valuables) that were not deposited at the front desk, due to intentional or negligence of the hostel the item has incurred loss or damage, the hostel will compensate for it. However, for items that were not mentioned upfront by the guests in regards to its type and price, we will indemnify the damage up to 50,000 yen, except when there is willful or gross negligence of the hostel.
(Storage of guest’s baggage or portable items)

Article 15​ ​
1. When baggage (excluding cash and valuables, which applies in the following section as well) of guests arrives at the hostel prior to staying, we will deposit them only when the hostel has prior knowledge of it.
2. In the event that the guests have left their baggage or items after check-out, and there is contact from the owner or that the owner is unknown, the hostel stores the item for 7 days and afterwards, deliver it to the nearest police station as accordance to laws and regulations
3. The hostel shall inspect its contents in order to properly identify the forgotten baggage or item in accordance with the nature of the contents and if necessary return it to the owner or perform the process according to the preceding paragraph and the guest is unable to make an objection against this.
4. The responsibility of the hostel concerning the storage of baggage or carrying items of guests in the cases of paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of the preceding paragraph in the case of paragraph 1, it shall comply with the provisions of paragraph 2 of the same Article.
(Managing of baggage when using the bathroom)

Article 16​ ​
1. When using a bathroom, valuables (including cash, which applies in the following section as well) and room key shall be stored in the valuables locker.
2. Handling of goods stored in valuables lockers or those that are deposited at the front shall be in accordance with Article 14.
3. The hostel is not responsible for damage caused by theft due to failure to respond according to item 1., such as when putting the valuables in dressing baskets instead of the lockers. However, when there is a reason attributable to the hostel’s responsibility, unless it is intentional or gross negligence, we will indemnify the damage for up to 10,000 yen.
(Responsibility of guests)​

Article 17​ ​
If the hostel suffers damage due to the willful or negligence of the guest, the guest shall compensate the hostel for the damage.​ ​
(Cleaning of the rooms)​ ​

Article 18​ ​
1. When guests stay in the same room for more than 2 consecutive days, we will clean the rooms on a daily basis as a principle.
2. In following laws and regulations and prefectural ordinances etc., even when receiving a request from the guests that cleaning is unnecessary, we would have to clean the room at least once every 3 days. However, the hostel has the right to clean the rooms at any time if deemed necessary.
3. As for the room cleaning in the preceding paragraph, guests are unable to refuse.
(Revision of the agreement)

Article 19​ ​
This agreement can be revised when necessary.
When this agreement is revised, the hostel shall post the contents of the revised agreement and the effective date on the hostel’s website.
(Appended Table 1) Method of Calculating Room Charge (Relating to Article 11)​ ​​

Breakdown​ ​
Accommodation fee​ ​Basic accommodation fee​ ​Room and service charge​ ​
Accessory fee​ ​ Food and beverage and other usage charges​ ​
tax​ ​ Consumption tax etc.​ ​
(Note 1) The accommodation fee depends on the price list posted in the store and the homepage.

Date of receiving notice of cancellation of reservation 2 days before The previous day On the day itself No stay
Percentage of penalty to basic accommodation fee 30% 50% 80% 100%

(Note 1) Percentage is the ratio of penalty charge to the accommodation fee (including tie-up fee for tie-up accommodation plan with other companies).​ ​
In addition, if the amount calculated according to the cancellation policy stipulated by the third-party business partners exceeds the amount of penalty calculated above, we will accept that amount as a penalty.

(Note 2) In the event that the number of reserved days is shortened, we will charge a penalty only for the first day which the guest has decided not to stay due to shortening, regardless of the number of shortened days. However, regarding the penalty fee in (2) above, for all days in which it was decided not to stay due to the shortening, it is dependent on the number of days until each day due to shortening from the date when the request for shortening was made.

Note 3) If the contract is canceled for part of the number of people staying, we will collect the penalty of the amount calculated based on the room charge for the number of people who canceled the contract”



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